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    Permanently deleted user

    I created an account just to add this improvement idea. I didn't realise that long-press spacebar is already used to switch languages (probably because I use only one keyboard layout?).

    What about using 2 fingers to move the cursor? This is how it works with apple default keyboard on iPad, which does not have force touch either.

    Alternative 2 for one-handed operation: Double tap and hold on spacebar. This can be easily distinguished from only holding the spacebar.

    Also some more odd options came to my mind like swiping left and right on the spacebar to enter cursor move mode but I believe one of my two aforementioned suggestions are more realistic.

    Thank you for improving on this!

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    BrAtKo BrAtKo

    Please give the virtualtrackpad option to non 3D touch devices (option which can be enabled or disabled). Gboard and Apple keyboard offers it with no problems, just hold spacebar and that is. Thanks. P.S. two fingers or double tap to spacebar does not work on iPhone XR

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    Ben Cearlock

    Just found this feature with my gf's new iPhone and would love to see it implemented on Android as well.

    Was thinking that the layouts that are compact or split could use the open space as a virtual trackpad. You could make the dedicated emoji key a long-press trigger (instead of the space bar) since it it doesn't have any long-press functionality that I can see. I'm sure there are other solutions, but the functionality would be great to have!

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    Please do something for this. This feature is deal breaker for me. I like swift key, don’t want to move to something else...

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    Same with me. Love SwiftKey and don't want to leave because of this... :(

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    Christopher Lord

    Really hoping that you are able to implement a new solution soon!

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    Humberto C. S. Filho

    Same thing here. I can't use SwiftKey on my iPad because it's dumb having to touch the misspelled word in order to get it right.

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    Drake Pitts

    Couldn't you just add an option to choose between

    (a) spacebar swipe to change language
    (b) spacebar swipe to move the cursor

    where with (b) one can still change language in the upper menu bar?

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