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    Brandon O'Berry

    While the prediction algorithm is quite extensive, this should not happen and I can understand that it is a bit frustrating at times. I would suggest clearing your cache and/or SwiftKey data to see if this solves the issue, as sometimes it's a matter of miscommunication between the Cloud and your local storage. If you're feeling really daring, you can also "delete your remote data" in the SwiftKey app to see if that helps (but doing this will erase all of your predictions).

    Also, at the present time, it isn't possible to remove two-word predictions. The workaround to this is to remove the single-word prediction that appears and remove that. For example: Removing "a" in "Once upon (a time)" will result in "a time" not appearing together as a prediction.

    Hopefully I've been of some assistance, as I'm unsure what could be causing this issue. If you'd like, we can take note of your device info, such as the device itself and what versions of SwiftKey and Android it has, (should you provide it here,) and we'll look into things a little further.

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    Adem Sofilić

    I have Samsung Galaxy S6, SwiftKey Beta,Android 7.0 Thank you so much on replying and helping!!!! :) 

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