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    Me too. Also For some stupid reason if you try to change the things you're typing to a predictive word, like I type thrfe but meant three and hit three in the prediction bar, it will leave the word thrfe's letters to the left of the cursor rather tag replacing the entire word thrfe it only reflects the first 2 letters and leaves the rfe. So I'm left with three rfe
    I'm what sense does it make to leave letters of a word I want to replace? Clearly I want to replace the entire word! Why would I ever ever ever in 9 million years need to leave ANY letters of a word I'm REPLACING with something else? The chances of my ever needing a letter of the word I DON'T want to stay right next to the new word I replaced it with are 0.00001%! Thrfe becomes three e. I'm ill never need that e, ever. I use swipe typing so that e will get in the way! Swipe typing means I don't type 1 letter at a time, the entire word I swipe gets inputted all at once so that e will never be able to be used, never, never, never. I hate how stupid you guys are to not let us put the cursor in the middle or beginning of the word, it can only go at the very end others you'll have a bunch of unnecessary letters stamped in the middle of your sentences. What the heck sense does that make?

    Please let us pit the cursor anywhere on the word to be able to use the prediction bar and change the word. Do you have any idea how hard it is to move a cursor to an exact spot (end of word, not middle or beginning) on a tiny phone? It's so hard that I have to use a keyboard with arrows to move cursors bc touchscreen cursor movement is nearly impeding to put it exactly where you want it. I don't care what your reason is, maybe you did it for another feature to work, but that other feature is not nearly as important as this. Your other feature or whatever dumb reason it is (to have the cursor not be able to be placed in the middle of a word) is causing cause huge probs for typing (aka leaving letters randomly in sentences), so everyone knows you don't implement a system if it's going to cause malfunctioning somewhere else. This is a malfunction, you can't ask people to place it at the end & suddenly they malfunction stops, no. The cursor goes anywhere in the word to replace the word and that is how all prediction typing works, especially since it's hard to move cursors precisely on phones. Please fix this asap, thanks.

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