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    Stijn Gabeler

    (No autocorrect selected) Spacebar will always insert a space – This means that pressing the spacebar will not affect your predictions or what you are typing. It will simply function as a spacebar. Your words will not be corrected or completed unless you tap the prediction buttons. https://support.swiftkey.com/hc/en-us/articles/201458432-What-happens-when-I-press-the-spacebar-in-SwiftKey-Keyboard-for-Android-


    1. Go into SwiftKey Settings
    2. Tap 'Typing'
    3. Tap 'Typing & Autocorrect'

    or select (No autocorrect selected) 

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    Mark Kanzler

    The problem isn't what you described a solution for.
    The real problem is that when I put in a period, or a comma, or a questionmark, or select a predicted word, the app automatically adds a space. I don't want it to ever add a space fopr me - I want to do it manually.

    When typing in an IP address, serial number, etc. it is very cumbersome to have spaces injected automatically.

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