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    Jay Wheeler

    +1. Have been asking for this for ~5 years, as have countless others. There is some sinister motivation for continuing to decline this "feature" request, because from an engineering perspective, fixing this unwanted behavior is absolutely, unequivocally trivial to implement.

    I say this because the basic cost-benefit analysis reveals that SwiftKey is declining a grand slam for no apparent reason: in exchange for honoring this request and making many of us very happy, they must shoulder a burden of roughly 5-10 minutes of a single developer's time. This developer would need to write code that checks for a single boolean flag which, if set, selectively bypasses whatever function or block of code is responsible for: analyzing the current state, making a determination as to whether a space should be automatically inserted, and, if necessary, doing so.

    In other words, there is some non-technical reason why SwiftKey is declining this request, because the technical requirement is literally to add a single clause to the code which looks like this:

    if (autoSpaceOption== TRUE) {

    That's it; we don't even need an 'else' clause here! (Ok, I admit, it will also be necessary to add a slider to the preferences GUI to allow the user to change the value, but clearly such a framework is already in place. Being generous, updating the code AND the "Typing & Autocorrect" preferences GUI add up to a sub-20-minute job for a single engineering intern.)

    What secret motivation for not having addressed this problem years ago could I possibly be overlooking, that balances the equation in favor of frustrating a significant percentage the user population instead of investing the trivial resources necessary to make us happy?

    Despite the tongue-in-cheek nature of this comment, I am legitimately baffled by the fact that this STILL hasn't been addressed, given how ridiculously easy it would be to do so.

    (Since the request here is simply for the OPTION to control the always-enabled default behavior, I am disregarding the possibility of negative consequences on those who prefer the current behavior as being relevant.)

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    I'm learning "Microsoft .Net" platform and I often have to type requests and comments using words such as Asp. Net, Net. Core,. Net Framework,. Net Standard,. Net 5.0. Why Microsoft? Why do you name you products ".Net" and then add this wierd feature in your keyboard without any chances to turn it off?

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