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    adrian hook

    For one thing I have never used the swipe but I have to say in my opinion and experience with the keyboard from maybe 3 or more years they have solved many odd problems I was having and I couldn't disagree with you more they have improved the way prediction works the software is faster smoother and I even have the keyboard in an android emulator and it is syncing perfectly with everything now that was a bit of a high moment and I get the irritation on the syncing cloud data between devices but finally it is here and it is simply surprising how instant the system is once it is working. I have never seen swype but I had to use Google kindergarten appearance of a keyboard and it is just gross the themes nearly made me fall off the toilet and thank god SwiftKey fixed the issue I had which made me leave them alone and come back later and the issue was still there and the response from support was undeniably on point compared to 6 months prior and they couldn't help me enough.
    Contact support directly and if you are not then satisfied with the assistance I will eat my dog Jazz with pesto and a bottle of chianti


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