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    Deniz K


    Microsoft SwiftKey for iOS does not have the option to view special characters above the letters. To access symbols, press the ‘123’ key in the bottom left hand corner of the keyboard.

    Further information: https://support.swiftkey.com/hc/en-us/articles/201467601-How-do-I-access-symbols-or-punctuation-

    Regarding arrow keys, this is currently not available. For any feedback please drop us a line here https://aka.ms/sk-support and we can pass your feedback on to the right team.

    Thank you.

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    Ryan C

    SwiftKey sucks on iOS. Outside of no long press special characters on letters, there are still no arrow keys. Still no dedicated comma key. Emoji key should be the comma wijt long press for Emoji. 

    Just reinforces that people don't do real work on iOS. Even the keyboards are designed around fluff. 

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    Ryan C

    Hey Diana,


    What was the purpose of stating the obvious? What was the purpose of just confirming what we already know and the reason the question is being asked?  Your post makes zero sense. 


    You're a replacement keyboard. You're supposed to be better and offer more functionality for a better typing experience. Yet your keyboard for iOS is horrible in comparison to it on Android. 

    So why not answer the question of why does it suck so bad on iOS? Does IOS limit you to what you can do? Are your developers inept in developing in IOS? Do you purposefully make your keyboard worse on one OS compared to another?

    How about an actual explanation of why instead of telling us what we already see and know. 


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