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    Deniz K

    Hello Toby,

    With emoji prediction enabled, Microsoft SwiftKey will suggest emoji in the prediction bar for various words. It will also learn from your emoji usage so that if you always send a particular emoji after a particular word, Microsoft SwiftKey will have that ready and waiting for you.

    To enable emoji prediction:

    1. Please open the Microsoft SwiftKey app
    2. Tap 'Emoji'
    3. Toggle the ‘Emoji predictions' setting to the on position

    You can also add an emoji to your clipboard and add a shortcut text so for example let's say you want to see the pizza emoji when writing a certain text, please make sure to add the text in the shortcut and the pizza emoji in the clipboard content. 

    To do this, please open your clipboard, add a new clipboard, add the emoji in the content field and shortcut text in the field below. Then save it. Please don't forget to pin if you would like to access this clip later on as clips will only be available temporarily unless they are pinned.

    Hope this helps.

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