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    Hi Tammy Doig sorry to hear that you are having an issue with the SwiftKey app. Could you please try uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft SwiftKey to see if this resolves things for you? If you are worried about losing any of your learned words, make sure you are signed in with your account and that you have Backup & Sync enabled.
    Please note that uninstalling the app might delete your Microsoft SwiftKey stats, including saved clips on the clipboard, so if it's okay with you, please go ahead and try to do so.

    If still the issue persists can you please try to record a video of the issue happening and send it over to us at https://aka.ms/sk-support? 

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    Suzette ODonnell

    This is a pretty big issue. I am a student about to start a Paralegal program and I am visually impaired! 😳
    When the keyboard all of a sudden mimimizes! WOW
    The only thing I have found is to resize keyboard and

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