Swiftmoji for iOS FAQ

    The information in this article is for archival purposes only, we are unable to offer any support.

    Thank you for your interest in Swiftmoji. Swiftmoji is no longer available in the App Store.

    We recommend all Swiftmoji users try SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS instead.

    1. Why is Swiftmoji no longer available in the App Store?
    2. How did Swiftmoji work?
    3. Which Languages did it support?

    1 - Why is Swiftmoji no longer available in the App Store?

    Many of Swiftmoji's features can now be found in SwiftKey Keyboard, so we would strongly recommend giving it a try for all your emoji needs. 

    This was a strategic decision by our team as we focus our resources on building the best possible experience with SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS. 

    If you’ve already downloaded the Swiftmoji app it will continue to work on your iOS device. The only difference is it's not considered an “officially supported” app and you won't receive any new updates. 

    Thank you for using Swiftmoji and we hope you enjoy using SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS. 

    2 - How did Swiftmoji work?

    Swiftmoji used worldwide emoji trends to offer relevant emoji predictions based on what you typed. 

    Swiftmoji only looked at the words in the current text field, i.e. wherever your cursor was placed, and not in a message you'd previously sent. 

    To get your emoji predictions you just had to:

    • Type something (e.g. in your messaging app)

    • Tap the globe key to fire up Swiftmoji

    • Tap on the emoji that took your fancy

    • You could also send an emoji storm by tapping and holding the prediction icon!

    3 - Which languages did it support?

    Swiftmoji was designed to be used with English only. It was available to download in the following countries UKUS, CA, and Ireland.

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