Learn more about GDPR
    1. Why do I have to be over 16 in the EU to use SwiftKey?
    2. How do I verify my age?
    3. What does it mean if I am an under 16 EU SwiftKey user?
    4. Can I still use the SwiftKey keyboard if I don’t have a SwiftKey Account?
    5. Can I still use the use personalization feature to help train my SwiftKey Keyboard model?

    1 - Why do I have to be over 16 in the EU to use SwiftKey?

    The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires controllers like Microsoft to have authorization from parents to get a child’s consent where that consent is required for personal data processing in the context of Microsoft products and services, including SwiftKey.

    2. How do I verify my age?

    You will be prompted to verify your age when opening the SwiftKey Keyboard. Tap on the button to sign in to your SwiftKey Account and verify your details.


    If you choose to ignore the prompt we will remind you on several more occasions.

    Alternatively you can trigger verification by:

    • Opening your SwiftKey app and tapping on 'Account'.
    • Downloading a Theme

    2 - What does it mean if I am an under 16 EU SwiftKey user?

    EU users under 16 will not be able to create a SwiftKey Account.

    3 - Can I still use the SwiftKey keyboard if I don’t have a SwiftKey Account?

    Yes, your SwiftKey keyboard will work on your device as normal and will adapt to your typing style even without a SwiftKey Account. That will be true of all devices on which you use the SwiftKey Keyboard. The only difference is that your typing model won’t be backed up in the cloud and available for new or other devices on which you use the SwiftKey Keyboard. 

    4 - Can I still use the use personalization feature to help train my SwiftKey Keyboard model?

    If you don’t qualify for a SwiftKey Account, you can’t use personal data from other accounts (e.g., Facebook) to train your model. This does NOT mean that you can’t use SwiftKey, it only means that you won’t be able to use the personalization feature to train your model.

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    How does the Clipboard work with SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS?
    1. What is Clipboard for iOS?
    2. How to add a clip
    3. How to edit and delete clips

    1 - What is Clipboard for iOS?

    When typing with SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS, you have the option to copy text and save it for later use. This could be for a quick copy/paste job or something longer-form like an email or social media update. 

    The Clipboard can store a maximum of 10 clips. Each clip is limited to 1,000 characters in length.

    You can access the Clipboard from the icon on Toolbar, or by opening the SwiftKey app and navigating to 'Settings' > 'Clipboard'


    2 - Adding clips

    To copy text and add clips:

    1. Tap into a text field, highlight the text you want copied and select 'Copy'.
    2. Your copied text will appear in the prediction bar, tap the 'Save' prompt.


    Look towards the emoji icon - you'll see a red dot. This indicates your clip has been added.

    If you don't tap 'Save' your text will expire after 1 hour. 


    You can view all of your clips by visiting the Clipboard - here you'll also be able to save the last thing you copied.


    3 - Edit and delete clips

    To edit, delete and rearrange your saved clips:

    1. Long press the emoji icon and select Clipboard
    2. Tap 'Edit'

    Now you have a choice - to delete:

    1. Press the red icon next to the clip you want to delete
    2. Confirm your selection by tapping 'Delete'

    To rearrange your clips:

    • Reorder your saved clips by long pressing and dragging up or down in the list.

    As an alternative, it's possible to add, edit and delete clips by pulling down on the Clipboard and exposing the 'Manage your Clipboard' prompt.



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    SwiftKey data snippets FAQ

    SwiftKey uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically learn your writing style, the words that matter to you and how you like to type.

    We're always striving to improve our algorithms, deliver increasingly personalized autocorrect and predictive text that adapts to you. To do this we need your help.

    We'd like to be able to capture snippets of your data. Specifically words, the phrases and context it was used and how you input text whether you tap words or swipe (flow) them.

    In order to protect your data and privacy, we ensure that we anonymize all the information captured as part of this process. 

    You can choose to opt out at any time via your SwiftKey settings.

    To do this: 

    1. Open your SwiftKey app
    2. Tap the three dots, select 'About'
    3. Toggle 'Help improve SwiftKey' off

    snippets1.png  snippets2.png

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    My personalization and synchronization is failing

    Provided you've previously created a SwiftKey Account, and specified the online services you want to personalize your SwiftKey experience with, you should be able to see a screen similar to the one shown below.


    There are multiple reasons why your personalization may fail. Sometimes you'll find the problem remedies itself, and works at a later time. Also double-check you've entered your password correctly as this will return an error message.

    If you continue to encounter problems we'd recommend consulting the guidance outlined below:

    Check for synchronization errors

    1. Open the SwiftKey App and select 'Account'
    2. Tap 'Account'
    3. Choose 'Personalization'
    4. You'll see the list of platforms you've already personalized SwiftKey with. Check the 'Last personalized' date - it should be within the last day. If it hasn't synced for a while, tap to refresh and force a sync.

    SwiftKey-MainAccount.jpg  Personalization-Settings.jpg  personalize-list.jpg  personalize-status.jpg

    If there are still errors you might have to log out of your SwiftKey Account. Here's how:

    Logout of your SwiftKey Account

    1. Open SwiftKey and select 'Account'
    2. Tap 'Account'
    3. Choose 'Logout from this device'
    4. Restart your device
    5. Open SwiftKey and log back into your SwiftKey Account
    6. Any services that Personalization failed with previously should now begin to sync. If not, tap on them. 



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    How do I create a SwiftKey Account on iOS?

    Your SwiftKey Account provides several great benefits for users, including:

    • The ability to safely back up the words and phrases you use regularly
    • Personalize predictions from your past writings on Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and your contacts
    • Syncs what you teach SwiftKey across your enabled devices if you personalize with Google (including Android)

    To set up your SwiftKey Account please follow the below steps:

    1. Open the SwiftKey app
    2. Tap ‘Account'
    3. Choose your desired log in method (Google, Facebook or Microsoft Account) and follow the instructions

    Please note: if you've already signed into SwiftKey on an Android device you'll need to use the same account (and vice versa) in order to sync your data.

    SwiftKey-MainAccount.jpg   IMG_0228.PNG

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    Why does SwiftKey need Full Access?

    By granting Full Access to SwiftKey, this does not mean everything you type is transmitted off your device, despite a warning message that shows when you allow the permission (explained below). No language data or words that you type will ever leave your device or be transmitted while using SwiftKey Keyboard unless you specifically create a SwiftKey Account (also explained below).

    On iOS, SwiftKey’s keyboard extension requires Full Access in order to share data with the “container” app on your device, i.e. the SwiftKey app on your home screen. This is because we house key components of SwiftKey in the container app, as explained below, and need to obtain your permission in order for the keyboard extension to be able to access these components.

    For more information on how to grant Full Access please read our article on this.

    What is Full Access?
    Granting an iOS keyboard extension Full Access is the permission that allows it to share data with its broader “container” app and gain network access. We request this permission to allow SwiftKey’s keyboard extension to share data with its container app in order to provide you with a full SwiftKey feature-set and simplify how settings are managed.

    Do you transmit anything I type?
    SwiftKey Keyboard does not “transmit anything you type,” as Apple’s warning message may lead you to think. That warning message (which is displayed before a user allows Full Access) is there to make sure you are aware of what is technically possible before making a decision about whether to trust the developer of a keyboard extension. We hope this article helps give you confidence that at SwiftKey we have your best interests at heart, and have taken several measures to protect your privacy and security.

    What exactly is Full Access used for?
    We require Full Access because SwiftKey Keyboard stores language models, personalized learning and keyboard preferences outside the keyboard extensions framework on your device, as part of the broader SwiftKey app, and without this permission the keyboard extension would not be able to read or write to these files.

    Architecting SwiftKey for iOS in this way allows us to make sure the keyboard is both as user friendly and powerful as possible. It allows you to manage your settings in a clear and simple way from the app on your home screen, have access to a library of frequently updated language models, have further customization of the keyboard with themes, and ensure all of this is presented within a reasonably-sized app.

    To give you added peace of mind, you can delete learned language data from your device (or your SwiftKey Account) at any time.

    By having Full Access, we’re also able to seamlessly improve both language predictions and our feature-set in the future; for example, we can roll out new or improved languages without disrupting your typing by requiring the app to be updated. In order to keep up with how quickly language evolves, we update our language models from time to time.

    SwiftKey Account
    By creating a SwiftKey Account, SwiftKey learns from your typing. Your predictions are securely backed up to our servers and synced across other devices that you opt in with. You can link your SwiftKey Account to your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter accounts to enhance the personalization of word predictions.

    You can read more about the benefits of a SwiftKey Account here.

    We take user privacy very seriously, and all of the data that we handle is strictly guarded by our Privacy Policy. You can read it here:

    Privacy Policy



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    What is a SwiftKey Account?

    A SwiftKey Account is a collection of features that helps SwiftKey Keyboard learn more about your typing habits, getting better and smarter over time. 

    This service allows your keyboard to:

    • Get to know you better by adapting to your typing style. Customize your predictions from how you type in Gmail, Facebook and Twitter.
    • Sync your learned words across all your devices. This ensures when you get a new device that your words travel with you!

    • Customize the look and feel of your keyboard. SwiftKey offers exciting free themes for iOS and Android to make your keyboard feel personal.



    Curious how to sign into a SwiftKey Account?

    Sign into a SwiftKey Account on Android

    Sign into a SwiftKey Account on iOS

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    How do I personalize my typing with SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS?
    1. What is Personalization?
    2. How to Personalize with SwiftKey
    3. How does SwiftKey ensure privacy?


    1 - What is Personalization?

    Personalizing allows SwiftKey to learn from your previous typing history. You can personalize your personal dynamic language model with your message archives from:

    • Gmail
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Contacts

    The SwiftKey engine will learn from your personal language data to understand your writing style and offer tailored predictions and corrections.

    2 - How to Personalize with SwiftKey

    To set up personalization, just sign into your SwiftKey Account as per the steps below.

    1. Open the SwiftKey app
    2. Tap ‘Account'. If you have not signed up for a SwiftKey Account, simply follow the onscreen steps to sign into Facebook or Google to create your account
    3. Tap 'Personalization'
    4. Select the service you wish to personalize your predictions with

     SwiftKey-MainAccount-EN.jpg Personalisation-EN.jpg Personalization-Settings-EN.jpg

    3 - How does SwiftKey ensure privacy when accessing my accounts?

    If you elect to use SwiftKey Account personalization services, you give explicit permission for our servers to process your personal message data from these services, in order to improve the word predictions that SwiftKey gives you.

    The policy for personalization services is explained in our privacy policy. All of this data can be destroyed at any time by erasing your SwiftKey Account.

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    What is Backup & Sync?

    If you are signed into your SwiftKey Account (see How do I create a SwiftKey Account on iOS? for further information), and have enabled Backup & Sync, then the words and phrases that matter to you are backed up securely and seamlessly synced across all of your devices.

    With a SwiftKey Account your personal profile is kept safe in the event of your mobile or tablet being lost or stolen, or changed due to an upgrade. Your most current words and phrases will be available on all devices connected to your SwiftKey Account. Entering a new word or phrase on one device will automatically sync up with all of your other connected devices.

    You can access your Backup & Sync settings in the following way:

    1. Open SwiftKey
    2. Tap 'Account'
    3. Tap 'Backup & Sync'

      SwiftKey-MainAccount.jpg  Swiftkey-Account-Backup.jpg  Backup-Sync.jpg


    Note: If you recently switched to using a new device, your "SwiftKey Statistics" will be blank.They are not transferred between devices, and this may make you mistakenly think that your predictions have disappeared. 



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    How do I delete my SwiftKey Account and data?

    If you've created a SwiftKey Account, then you can remove all the data attached to your account in the following way:

    1. Open SwiftKey
    2. Tap ‘Account'
    3. Tap on your account
    4. Press ‘Delete Account’ and confirm

        SwiftKey-MainAccount.jpg  Swiftkey-Account-Selected.jpg  Remove-Account.jpg

    If that's not enough, it's also possible to remove data stored on your device as well as remote data. See how.

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    What does SwiftKey do with my data?

    Two types of data can be transferred while using SwiftKey Keyboard.

    First, anonymous usage stats are periodically sent back to help us understand how people use the functionality of SwiftKey and how we can make it better. We get meta-level insights such as how many characters people have entered in total and how many keystrokes have been saved, but we don’t know anything about what you have been writing. If the app crashes, anonymous info about the crash will also be sent to us.

    Second, if you sign up for a SwiftKey Account, various additional data can be transferred to our servers to help us provide these services. For example, if you have Backup and Sync enabled, you give explicit permission for your personal language model data to be stored on our servers and processed to ensure prediction consistency between your devices. If you elect to use SwiftKey Account personalization services, you give explicit permission for our servers to process your personal message data from these services, in order to improve the word predictions that SwiftKey gives you.

    The policy for personalization services is explained in our privacy policy. All of this data can be destroyed at any time by deleting your SwiftKey Account.

    How can I remove my data and consent to remove my data?

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    How can I remove my data and the consent to use my data?

    If you've created a SwiftKey Account you can choose to remove both the data stored on your device and any associated remote data.

    1. How to remove data from your device
    2. How to remove your remote data
    3. How to logout of your SwiftKey Account


    1 - Removing data from your device

    To remove the personal language data stored on your device please follow the steps below:

    1. Open SwiftKey
    2. Tap ‘Account' and then ‘Privacy settings’
    3. Press ‘Remove my data from this device’
    4. Confirm your choice

       SwiftKey-MainAccount.jpg  Swiftkey-Account-Privacy.jpg  Privacy-Settings.jpg

    2 - Removing your remote data

    The steps for removing your remote data are very similar.

    1. Open SwiftKey
    2. Tap ‘Account' and then ‘Privacy settings’
    3. Press ‘Remove my remote data’
    4. Confirm your selection

    3 - Logout of your SwiftKey Account

    In addition, logging out of your SwiftKey Account will stop any further data being sent to the SwiftKey servers. To do this:

    1. Open SwiftKey
    2. Tap ‘Account'
    3. Tap on the email address associated with your SwiftKey Account
    4. Select 'Logout from this device'



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    How do I turn off notifications from SwiftKey?

    SwiftKey occasionally sends useful notifications about product updates, exciting new features or promotions, or tips that help you get the most out of using SwiftKey. We highly respect our users and commit to never abuse this privilege. 

    If you enabled notifications when installing SwiftKey, and now wish to disable them, you can do so in the following way:

    1. Go into your device settings
    2. Scroll down to your app list
    3. Tap 'SwiftKey'
    4. Tap 'Notifications'
    5. Now press the button to turn off 'Allow Notifications'

    There are also other settings that control SwiftKey notifications - these are shown below.


        App-list-SwiftKey.jpg  SwiftKey-Notifications.jpg  Allow-Notifications.jpg

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    How do I view my Tap Map with SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS?

    The Tap Map, similar to our heatmap on SwiftKey Keyboard for Android, shows how SwiftKey uses artificial intelligence to adjust the keys on your keyboard ‘behind the scenes’ to better fit your typing style. For example, if you typically hit the right half of the F key when you’re aiming for G, the shape of G on your Tap Map will probably be larger and skewed to the left.

    To share your Tap Map with SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS, please follow the below steps. 

    1. Locate SwiftKey in the list of apps on your iOS device and tap to open it
    2. Look for your Tap Map below 'Your Usage Stats'
    3. Tap the 'Share' icon (top-right corner of your screen) to send your Tap Map via a platform of your choosing, or save it to your camera roll

    SwiftKey-Main-Tap.jpg  Swiftkey-UsageStats.jpg  Swiftkey-Tapmap.jpg  Share-TapMap.jpg

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