How do I turn the number row on/off on SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS?

    From SwiftKey 2.5.0 it is now possible to show a number row on the keyboard.


    To turn the SwiftKey number row on or off:

    1. Open your SwiftKey app
    2. Tap 'Settings'
    3. Tap 'Number row' to turn the feature on or off


    Note: The number row will be off by default.

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    How to use the Camera in SwiftKey for iOS
    1. What is the Camera feature?
    2. How to launch the Camera

    1 - What is the Camera feature?

    The Camera feature was introduced in SwiftKey 2.4.0 and can be accessed from your Toolbar.

    It's an easy way to add GIFs and photos to your messages without ever leaving your SwiftKey Keyboard.

    The Camera itself allows you to:

    • Record a GIF by long-pressing the shutter button


    • Take a photo by quickly tapping the shutter

    Then you can add text to your captures, or change the speed if you recorded a GIF.

    Tapping the 'Camera' icon on the Toolbar also provides quick access to your camera roll, as well as other locations that contain your media (such as WhatsApp).

    2 - How to launch the Camera

    Just tap the 'Camera' icon on your Toolbar to launch the feature.


    How to create a GIF

    1. Tap the 'Camera' icon. 


    2. Hold the shutter button down to start recording your GIF. Release when done.

    3. If you wish to add text tap the placeholder to add some words, choose the font style and change the color. You can also change the speed by adjusting the slider appropriately.

    4. Tap 'Save' when done.

    5. Your GIF will automatically be copied to your Clipboard. 'Paste' to add it into a message.

    How to take a photo

    1. Tap the 'Camera' icon.


    2. Quickly tap the shutter button to take a photo.

    3. Add any text you want by tapping the placeholder. You can also choose the font style and color.


    4. Tap 'Save' when done.

    5. Your photo will automatically be copied to your Clipboard. 'Paste' to add it into a message.

    Note: You can delete any GIFs and photos created using the Camera. Just long-press and tap the 'Delete' prompt.

    How to insert photos

    The Camera feature also handily functions as a shortcut to all your photos stored on your device.

    1. Instead of tapping the Camera icon, use the scrollbar to cycle through the various locations that house your photos. 

    2. When you've found the one you want, long-press to copy it to your Clipboard.

    3. 'Paste' to add it into a message.
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    How to add and search for GIFs in SwiftKey for iOS
    1. How to access GIFs using SwiftKey
    2. Adding a GIF to your conversation
    3. Searching for GIFs
    4. Managing your GIFs
    5. GIF FAQs

    If you love GIFs as much as we do, you'll be pleased to learn that from SwiftKey 2.3.0 we've made it possible to search, discover and share your favorite GIFs directly from your SwiftKey Keyboard.

    Add and send GIFs

    1 - How to access GIFs

    GIFs can be found by either:

    • Pressing '+' to open the Toolbar


    • Tapping the 'Quick emoji key' on your keyboard

    2 - How to add GIFs to your conversation

    Adding and selecting a GIF works in exactly the same way as Emoji.

    GIFs are housed in a number of different categories - these can be scrolled left and right. There's also a 'Recents' tab that displays all the GIFs you've used recently.

    To insert a GIF into your conversation just tap on it. This will copy it to your Clipboard.

    Then it's simply a case of inserting it into your message. Tap into your conversation and select ‘Paste'.

    If you're struggling to find that perfect GIF, you might want to take advantage of the search tool.

    With 'GIF' selected just type into the search bar, SwiftKey will return your GIF search results. Easy!

    Your 'Recents' tab houses all the GIFs you've recently sent or saved. 

    To save a GIF

    If you have a particular favorite(s), saving a GIF is a quick way to find it again.

    Long-press on a GIF and tap 'Save'. It will then appear in your 'Recents'. 

    To delete a GIF

    You can also remove a previously saved GIF from your 'Recents' tab.

    Just long-press on the GIF and tap 'Delete'. Note: it will still appear in its original respective category.

    Data usage

    As with any rich media, if you're concerned about the effect GIFs might have on your data allowance we'd recommend switching to WiFi while browsing and sending GIFs. 

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    How to use Toolbar in iOS
    1. How to access the Toolbar
    2. What's in the Toolbar?

    Toolbar is the new way to get faster and easier access to your favorite SwiftKey features.

    Toolbar is available to all users running SwiftKey 2.2.4 and above.

    1 - How to access the Toolbar

    The Toolbar is easily accessible from your SwiftKey Keyboard. Just tap the '+' to the left of the prediction bar. 

    2 - What's in the Toolbar?

    At the time of writing Toolbar is the new home for the following features:


    Tapping on the emoji icon will open the emoji panel. Here you can choose from hundreds of different emoji spread across an assortment of categories.

    How to add emoji

    Read more: How to use Emoji with SwiftKey 


    Add and send animated images from all your favorite apps. 

    Add and send GIFs

    Read more: How to add and search for GIFS


    The SwiftKey Clipboard houses all of the text you've copied for later use. The Clipboard allows you to copy and paste clips or create Shortcuts for faster insertion.

    Read more: How does the Clipboard work?


    Quickly access your keyboard Themes and change up your look by scrolling through the designs on offer or designing your own.


    Read more: How to change themes and designs


    Use the search function to hunt for GIFS and Emoji to suit every occasion.

    Search GIFs and emoji without leaving your keyboard

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    How do I resize my SwiftKey Keyboard on iOS?

    At this time we don't offer an option to resize your SwiftKey Keyboard on iOS.

    If you're using an iPhone 6 (and above), it is however possible to take advantage of the 'Display Zoom' feature to make everything on your screen appear larger.

    To do this:

    1. Access your device 'Settings'
    2. Open the 'Display & Brightness' menu
    3. Under the 'Display Zoom' header - tap 'View'.
    4. Switch between 'Standard' and 'Zoomed' views. Use the image preview function to observe the effect each setting has. Remember to press 'Set' when you've made your choice.
    5. Your device may restart depending on the changes.

    IMG_0156.jpg  IMG_0157.jpg  IMG_0158.jpg

    Please note that Landscape mode is disabled on larger Plus devices when 'Zoomed' mode is active.

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    What is SwiftKey Flow and how do I enable it with SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS?

    SwiftKey Flow can be used with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It allows you to write by gliding your finger on the keyboard from letter to letter. SwiftKey Flow predicts as you flow - once you see the word you want, just lift your finger off. To complete words with double letters (i.e. 'tt' in 'letters'), simply hold your finger on that letter slightly longer.

    You can switch seamlessly between flowing and tapping - there’s no need to change modes.

    To enable or disable SwiftKey Flow:

    1. Open the SwiftKey app
    2. Tap ‘Settings’ 
    3. Tap the button to toggle SwiftKey Flow on/off


    For further help, please watch this instructional video: 


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    How do I access SwiftKey Settings?

    The SwiftKey settings menu can be accessed by tapping the SwiftKey icon from your home screen or apps list.


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    How do I turn off Quick Period?

    Quick Period allows you to double tap the spacebar to quickly insert a period into a sentence. This is available to turn on/off in advanced settings. To turn this off please follow the steps below:

    1. Open the SwiftKey app
    2. Tap ‘Settings’ 
    3. Next to ‘Quick Period’, tap the button to turn off this feature



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    How do I turn off Auto Capitalize?

    Auto Capitalize allows you to start new sentences with a capital letter. You can turn this off if you so wish by following the steps below:

    1. Open the SwiftKey app
    2. Tap ‘Settings’ 
    3. Next to ‘Auto Capitalize’ tap the button to turn off this feature



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    How do I turn off Autocorrect with SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS?

    The autocorrect feature corrects and completes your words while typing with SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS. To turn this off please follow the steps below:

    1. Open the SwiftKey app
    2. Tap ‘Settings’ 
    3. Next to ‘Autocorrect’ tap the button to turn off this feature



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    Key Click Sounds and Haptic Feedback on SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS

    SwiftKey for iOS supports both Key Click Sounds and Haptic Feedback. 

    We've highlighted how to use each below.

    1 - Key Click Sounds

    To enable/disable Key Click Sounds in SwiftKey:

    1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
    2. Tap ‘Settings’
    3. Press the slider to toggle ‘Key Click Sounds’ on or off.

    Please note that if keyboard click is turned off in Apple settings > Sounds & Haptics, this will not affect the settings selected in SwiftKey. However, flicking the iPhone's Ringer switch to the red position will also mute SwiftKey’s key click.

    See the screenshots below for further help:



    2 - Haptic Feedback

    We've introduced limited Haptic Feedback for users of iPhone 7 and above.

    Haptic Feedback will only trigger when certain keys are pressed, for example: opening the emoji panel, long-pressing the emoji/globe key, and activating the 'emoji bomb'.

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    How do I access emoji with SwiftKey on iOS?

    Users of SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone, & iPad have the ability to choose from a variety of different emoji from within the app.

    To access the multitude of emoji you can either:

    • Tap the 'Quick Emoji key' (smiley face) next to the spacebar



    • Press '+' to open Toolbar
    • Tap on the 'Emoji' icon


    You are then free to scroll through the emoji panel and choose your desired emoji.

    The emoji panel is split into 3 areas. These include:

    • Emoji predictions based on what you've typed
    • Recently used emoji
    • Emoji categories

    When you've inserted your emoji, just hit the 'abc' key to return back to the keyboard.

    IMG_0210.PNG  IMG_0211.PNG  IMG_0212.PNG 

    Tip: Long-press the icon highlighted in the image below to trigger an 'emoji bomb' ;)


    Where did the Globe key go?

    The 'Quick emoji key' is enabled by default. It replaces the globe key to the left of the spacebar. Pressing and holding it will always show both globe and 'Quick Emoji key'.


    If you'd like to toggle this setting so the globe icon appears instead, please do the following:

    1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
    2. Tap 'Settings'
    3. Uncheck 'Quick Emoji key'

    SwiftKey-MainMenu.jpg IMG_0142.PNG

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