SwiftKey data snippets FAQ

    SwiftKey uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically learn your writing style, the words that matter to you and how you like to type.

    We're always striving to improve our algorithms, deliver increasingly personalized autocorrect and predictive text that adapts to you. To do this we need your help.

    We'd like to be able to capture snippets of your data. Specifically words, the phrases and context it was used and how you input text whether you tap words or swipe (flow) them.

    In order to protect your data and privacy, we ensure that we anonymize all the information captured as part of this process. 

    You can choose to opt out at any time via your SwiftKey settings.

    To do this: 

    1. Open your SwiftKey app
    2. Tap the three dots, select 'About'
    3. Toggle 'Help improve SwiftKey' off

        swiftkey-container.jpg  swiftkey-snippets-about.jpg  snippets-swiftkey-android.png

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    What is the SwiftKey Account?
    1. Benefits of the SwiftKey Account
    2. How do I create or sign into a SwiftKey Account?
    3. How do I find my SwiftKey Account ID number?
    4. How does a SwiftKey Account work with a new phone or device?
    5. How do I change the account linked to my SwiftKey Account?
    6. How do I delete my SwiftKey Account?
    7. Is my data secure with a SwiftKey Account?

      The SwiftKey Account is a free service that enhances SwiftKey Keyboard by leveraging the power of the cloud.

      1 - Benefits of the SwiftKey Account

      Having a SwiftKey Account benefits you in the following ways:

      Personalization: Get better predictions by letting SwiftKey learn from the way you type on a range of social networks. This improves SwiftKey Keyboard's accuracy as the app understands the words and phrases that matter to you.

      Backup & Sync: Your SwiftKey Account safely stores your learned language data and syncs it across your devices. If you lose your phone or get a new one, you won’t need to retrain the keyboard - signing into your SwiftKey Account will bring all your personalized insights right back.

      Themes: With the SwiftKey Account, you have access to free themes to change the appearance of your keyboard. Theme downloads are tied to your Account, meaning they stay secure and you can use them across all of your devices.

      SwiftKey Stats: A lowdown on the different subjects you type about the most, the emoji you use most often, and how many words SwiftKey learned from you.

      2 - How to create your SwiftKey Account

      To sign up, all you need is a Google email address or Microsoft Account.

      Signing up during installation

      There is the option to create a SwiftKey Account as part of the installation process. After completing the first three steps of the installer, you will be given the option to create a SwiftKey Account. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete this process.

      If you don’t wish to sign up at this stage, just choose ‘Not now’. You can always sign up later from within SwiftKey settings.

      Signing up from within SwiftKey settings

      1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
      2. Tap 'Account'
      3. Follow the onscreen instructions

      3 - How do I view my SwiftKey Account ID number?

      To find your SwiftKey Account ID, please follow the steps below.

      1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
      2. Tap the 'Account' icon
      3. Tap 'Account' at the top
      4. You'll see your Account ID appear, and the option to copy it.
      5. You can then paste this into an email.

      4 - How does a SwiftKey Account work with a new phone or device?

      The SwiftKey Account works to seamlessly sync your personal language model as well as all your themes. You just need to sign into your SwiftKey Account using your Google Account details.

      5 - How do I change the account linked to my SwiftKey Account?

      If you would like to change the account associated with your SwiftKey Account, then you can do so by following the below steps:

      1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
      2. Tap 'Account'
      3. Scroll down to and tap ‘Log out of SwiftKey Account’
      4. Select 'Logout'
      5. Once logged out, go back into 'Account'
      6. Sign in with the new/correct Google Account

      6 - How do I delete my SwiftKey Account?

      If you no longer wish to use your SwiftKey Account, or would like to change the account associated with SwiftKey Account, then you can do so by following these steps:

      1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
      2. Tap 'Account'
      3. Tap ‘Delete SwiftKey Account'
      4. Select ‘Delete’

      Please note that this will unregister all of your connected devices, and also delete your backed-up data from your SwiftKey Account.

    7 - Is my data secure with a SwiftKey Account?

    We take our users’ privacy very seriously and ensure your data is protected and safely stored.

    The SwiftKey Account is an opt-in, secure, encrypted service and gives you full control over your data. Our robust privacy policy explains and protects your rights and privacy. You can also read more about our approach to data security in our Data Security Statement.

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    How do I delete my SwiftKey Account?

    If you no longer wish to use your SwiftKey Account, or would like to change the account associated with SwiftKey Account, then you can do so by following these steps:

    1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
    2. Tap 'Account'
    3. Tap ‘Delete SwiftKey Account'
    4. Select ‘Delete’

    Please note that this will unregister all of your connected devices, and also delete your backed-up data from your SwiftKey Account.


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    How do I personalize my typing with SwiftKey Keyboard for Android?
    1. What is Personalization?
    2. How to Personalize with SwiftKey
    3. How does SwiftKey ensure privacy?


    1 - What is Personalization?

    The SwiftKey engine will learn from your personal language data as you type to understand your writing style and offer tailored predictions and corrections. 

    It doesn’t matter what you’re typing; be it a Tweet, a Facebook status, SMS message, or email, SwiftKey will continue to learn and personalize your language model appropriately.

    2 - How to Personalize with SwiftKey

    You have the option to personalize right away as part of the signup process, or can do so at a later date by following the below steps:

    1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device.
    2. Tap 'Account'. If you have not signed up for a SwiftKey Account, simply follow the onscreen steps to sign into Microsoft or Google to create your account.

     SwiftKey-Account-Highlighted.jpg Screenshot_20191021_144135.jpg

    3 - How does SwiftKey ensure privacy when accessing my accounts?

    In order to deliver the benefits of the SwiftKey Account, certain personal data may be shared with our servers. For example, this allows your personal language profile and theme records to be synced across devices. This is an opt-in service, and any user profile may be deleted at any time.

    You can learn more by reading our article on Privacy Questions and Your Data.

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    How to use SwiftKey Backup & Sync
    1. What is Backup & Sync?
    2. How to enable/disable Backup & Sync
    3. Sync your language data
    4. Removing your language data

    1 - What is Backup & Sync?

    If you are signed in to your SwiftKey Account and have enabled Backup & Sync then the words and phrases that matter to you are backed up securely and seamlessly synced across all of your devices. If your mobile or tablet is upgraded, lost or stolen, your personal profile is kept safe in the cloud, giving you the personalized SwiftKey experience within seconds of installing the keyboard on a new device.

    Never again lose your learned language and words! Even if you update or uninstall SwiftKey, or lose/upgrade a device, with Backup & Sync enabled, your SwiftKey Account will retain all your personal language data. The next time you use SwiftKey, all you need do is sign into your same SwiftKey Account and get typing!

    Your most current words and phrases will be available on all devices signed into your SwiftKey Account. Entering a new word or phrase on one device will automatically sync up to all of your other connected devices. 

    2 - How to enable/disable Backup & Sync

    To enable/disable Backup & Sync:

    1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
    2. Tap 'Account'
    3. Tap 'Backup & Sync'
    4. Check/uncheck Backup & Sync


    3 - How to sync your language data

    The Backup & Sync screen will tell you when your data was last saved to the Cloud.

    To manually perform a sync just tap the circular arrow icon.


    4 - Removing your language data

    Please note that disabling Backup & Sync will not automatically remove your SwiftKey Account data.

    If you would like to clear your data, you will need to do this separately. For information on how to do so, please see the article, How do I clear my learned language data?.

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    SwiftKey: Privacy Questions and your Data
    1. SwiftKey and your data
    2. How to remove your remote data
    3. How to delete your local language model
    4. How to logout of your SwiftKey Account
    5. How to remove your SwiftKey Account
    6. How to unsubscribe from SwiftKey product emails
    7. How to turn off notifications for SwiftKey

    1 - SwiftKey and your data

    First, please note that unless you have opted in to use a SwiftKey Account on your Android device, all personal and language data generated by SwiftKey is stored locally on your device and is never transferred.

    If you sign up for a SwiftKey Account, some data may shared with SwiftKey in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Data is only shared through the cloud to provide various specific services. For example, if you have personalized your language model through a social account like Facebook, or if you have Backup & Sync enabled, our servers will process this data.

    What about credit card numbers and passwords?

    SwiftKey does not learn anything from fields marked as password fields, nor does it remember long numbers such as credit card numbers.

    The warning message from Google that says SwiftKey may be able to collect ‘all the text you type, including personal data like passwords and credit card numbers’ (pictured below) is a part of the Android operating system that appears when any third party keyboard is enabled.


    SwiftKey is predicting my password - how do I stop it doing this?

    SwiftKey is designed never to learn from or predict what you enter in a specified password text field. It is up to the website or application you are logging into to build that specification into the field.

    However, there are some situations out of our control where your password might be remembered by the prediction engine. The usual culprits are:

    1. You previously sent an SMS message containing your password
    2. A typed password in an email
    3. In some cases, websites or apps do not correctly inform SwiftKey that a particular field was a password field
    4. If you use the 'show password' option on an app or website, that text field will no longer be identified as a password field

    If you find your password is being predicted, you can easily remove the word from SwiftKey’s dynamic language model by longpressing on the word in the prediction bar when it is shown and tapping ‘Remove’.

    2 - How do I remove my remote data?

    You can be signed up for a SwiftKey Account to access your Themes, but disable other cloud services that may involve sharing potentially personal data with our servers. To do this follow these steps:

    • Open the SwiftKey app from your device
    • Tap ‘Account’
    • Next tap ‘Backup & Sync’
    • Uncheck the box ‘Backup & Sync’ to disable this feature
    • From the ‘Account menu tap ‘Delete your remote data’ (this will remove any data or authentication for personalization sources that are already associated with your account)
    • Tap ‘Delete’ to confirm

    Container_account.png Account_remote_data.png Account_remote_data_2.png

    Now, no potentially personal data will be sent to SwiftKey through Backup & Sync or Personalization services.

    3 - How do I delete my local language model stored on my device?

    1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
    2. Tap the three dots in top right hand corner (or the menu button on your device)
    3. Tap 'Clear typing data'
    4. Choose 'Continue'
    Device_Data_Delete_1.png Device_Data_Delete_2.png Device_Data_Delete_3.png 

    4 - How do I log out of my SwiftKey Account?

    If you don't want any future data to be learned, then you will need to log out of your SwiftKey Account which you can do so by following the below steps:

    1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
    2. Tap 'Account'
    3. Tap ‘Log out of SwiftKey Account’ 

    5 - How do I remove my SwiftKey Account?

    To completely remove your SwiftKey Account, complete the following steps:
    1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
    2. Tap ‘Account’
    3. In the bottom section tap ‘Delete SwiftKey Account’
    4. Tap the ‘Delete’ option in the dialog box
    Please note that this will erase all your personalized word predictions and make it impossible to reach any of your previously purchased content. By law we must retain a record of your transactions and purchases, but these purchases will no longer be associated with your account.
    Deleting your SwiftKey Account and data will not affect your dynamic language model stored on your device. 

    6 - How do I unsubscribe from SwiftKey product emails?

    To unsubscribe, please follow the steps below.

    1. Go into SwiftKey Settings
    2. Tap the three dots in the upper right hand corner and then tap 'About.'
    3. Uncheck 'Service Updates'

    Additionally, you can also unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of the email you receive after installing SwiftKey.

    7 - How do I turn off notifications for SwiftKey?

    There are occasionally notifications for tips (how to get the most out of SwiftKey) and achievements (how many keystrokes SwiftKey has saved you).

    You can turn these off by following the steps below:

    1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
    2. Tap the menu button (three dots) in the top right hand corner
    3. Tap 'About'
    4. Uncheck 'Notifications'
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    Learn more about GDPR


    1. Why do I have to be over 16 in the EU to use SwiftKey?
    2. How do I verify my age?
    3. What does it mean if I am an under 16 EU SwiftKey user?
    4. Can I still use the SwiftKey keyboard if I don’t have a SwiftKey Account?
    5. Can I still use the use personalization feature to help train my SwiftKey Keyboard model?

    1 - Why do I have to be over 16 in the EU to use SwiftKey?

    The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires controllers like Microsoft to have authorization from parents to get a child’s consent where that consent is required for personal data processing in the context of Microsoft products and services, including SwiftKey.

    2. How do I verify my age?

    You will be prompted to verify your age when opening the SwiftKey Keyboard. Tap on the button to sign in to your SwiftKey Account and verify your details.

    Verify your age to use SwiftKey SwiftKey Black Box

    If you choose to ignore the prompt we will remind you on several more occasions.

    Alternatively you can trigger verification by:

    • Opening your SwiftKey app and tapping on 'Account'.
    • Downloading a Theme

    3 - What does it mean if I am an under 16 EU SwiftKey user?

    EU users under 16 will not be able to create a SwiftKey Account.

    4 - Can I still use the SwiftKey keyboard if I don’t have a SwiftKey Account?

    Yes, your SwiftKey keyboard will work on your device as normal and will adapt to your typing style even without a SwiftKey Account. That will be true of all devices on which you use the SwiftKey Keyboard. The only difference is that your typing model won’t be backed up in the cloud and available for new or other devices on which you use the SwiftKey Keyboard. 

    5 - Can I still use the use personalization feature to help train my SwiftKey Keyboard model?

    If you don’t qualify for a SwiftKey Account, you can’t use personal data from other accounts (e.g., Facebook) to train your model. This does NOT mean that you can’t use SwiftKey, it only means that you won’t be able to use the personalization feature to train your model.

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    FAQ for SwiftKey Data Portal
    1. I can’t log into the data portal
    2. What is my unique account ID?
    3. How do I export my data?
    4. Managing your personal information
    5. Your SwiftKey vocabulary size
    6. Where can I find Microsoft's data policy?
    7. Further reading

    You now have access to a portal that allows you to control your personal data and SwiftKey Account preferences. 

    Open your SwiftKey app, tap 'Account', then scroll down to 'View and manage your data'.

    View and manage your data  view-data-ios.jpg


    The SwiftKey data portal is made up of three main sections: 

    • Manage Account
    • View data
    • Data policy

    We've provided answers to any questions you may have below:

    1 - I can’t log into the data portal

    When you created your SwiftKey Account you'll have been asked to supply details of either your Google email address, Microsoft Account, or Facebook (iOS only). 

    If you've forgotten (or not sure) check by opening the SwiftKey app and tapping on the 'Account' icon. Here you'll find the account information used to create your SwiftKey Account. 

    On the data portal tap the button that corresponds to your Account provider, then select your Account. 

    Make sure you're not trying to log-in using your details from the SwiftKey Support site. The portal is different to our SwiftKey Support site, and as such you won't be able to use the same log-in details. 


    2 - What is my unique account ID?

    Your unique account ID is a random alpha-numerical string generated when you first create a SwiftKey Account. 

    We might ask you for it to aid with troubleshooting if you've submitted a support ticket. 

    On Android we allow you to view it, and you can do so by following the steps outlined below: 

    1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device 
    2. Tap the 'Account' icon 
    3. Tap 'Account' at the top 
    4. You'll see your Account ID appear, along with the option to copy it


    3 - How to export your data file

    The portal allows you to view and export your data. These options can be accessed by tapping on the 'View data' menu item. 

    On this page you can view a scrollable list of words that SwiftKey has learned over time. This could be useful if you just want a refresher of the things you've typed into your keyboard. 

    Alternatively, you can download all your words to a file you can keep. To do this just tap the 'Export all' button.  

    Please note it may take a little while to process your request depending on the size of your language model. 

    Your file serves as a snapshot in time – in the future, you'll need to download a new file in order to see any new words you add afterwards. 


    4 - Managing your personal information

    You can carry out many actions through the 'Manage Account' screen. These include the following:

    Signing out of all your devices

    Tapping the 'Log out' button will sign you out of SwiftKey on all of the devices your Account is connected to.


    Deleting all your backup data

    Tapping the 'Delete backup' button will permanently delete any data you've previously taught your SwiftKey Keyboard. This cannot be undone or restored using any previously downloaded files.


    Permanently deleting your SwiftKey Account

    Tapping the 'Delete account' button will permanently erase your entire SwiftKey presence. This includes any previously downloaded content and all the words you've taught SwiftKey over time. You'll also be logged out of the data portal as you will no longer own a SwiftKey Account. Remember: deletion is final, there is no going back. 


    Removing words

    It's easy to remove words that SwiftKey has learnt, but you can't do this through the portal. 

    Long-press on the word(s) you'd like to remove in your prediction bar, or follow the links to our tutorials on the SwiftKey Support site.
    How to delete a word – SwiftKey for Android 
    How to delete a word – SwiftKey for iOS

    remove-word-android.png  remove-words-ios.jpg

    5 - Your SwiftKey vocabulary size

    While it's possible to download a list of all your saved words via the portal, the SwiftKey app provides an at-a-glance view of your vocabulary size. Just open your SwiftKey app and scroll downwards to see it. 


    Your vocabulary is made up of words that fall into two groups, namely: static (words SwiftKey already knows) and dynamic (words you teach SwiftKey).  

    There will be occasions where SwiftKey learns words you might have expected it to know. These aren't gaps in its knowledge per-se, they are perhaps better looked upon as instances where words have been used in an unfamiliar context.  


    6 - Microsoft's Data Policy

    The portal provides access to Microsoft's Data Policy, Microsoft Privacy Statement and Microsoft Trust Center. 

    Just navigate to the 'Data policy' screen or follow the link below to read our Data Policy in full:  

    7 - Further reading

    For more information on privacy and how to manage your SwiftKey Account please see the following resource:

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    How do Cloud Predictions on SwiftKey work?

    When you enable Cloud Predictions SwiftKey will suggest hashtags and other useful predictions by sharing the last few words you typed.

    The hashtags are based on what's popular on Twitter.

    You'll need to have a SwiftKey Account and be signed in to use Cloud Predictions.


    To enable/disable Cloud Predictions

    1. Open your SwiftKey app
    2. Tap 'Account'
    3. Use the slider to turn Cloud Predictions on/off
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    Understanding your SwiftKey Stats
    1. What are SwiftKey Stats?
    2. How to view your SwiftKey Stats
    3. How to view your Typing Heatmap
    4. Having problems?
    5. Privacy & Data Security

    1 - What are SwiftKey Stats?

    'SwiftKey Stats' bring new ways of looking at how you type in a bunch of fun visualizations. These are in addition to the existing usage stats, like how many typos you’ve corrected, and how efficient you've become.

    SwiftKey Stats includes the following:

    Topics – 3-5 different subjects you type about the most. We created a bunch of fun, diverse categories to show you some of the topics you love to talk about – from Art & Design to Music and everything in between. 

    Top Emoji – the emoji you use most often. This is a cloud-like visualization of the emoji you use the most – the bigger the emoji in the ‘cloud’, the more you use it.

    Signature Emoji – the emoji you use more than other people. This emoji is generated by the emoji you overuse compared to the average (this is not the emoji you use most often).


    Vocabulary Size – how many words has SwiftKey learned from you? This number starts at zero when you install – find out how much your personal SwiftKey vocabulary has grown! 

    How are SwiftKey Stats calculated?

    The number of keystrokes will be the amount of times you’ve touched a key on the keyboard.

    We calculate the efficiency as follows:

    efficiency = (total entered characters – keys pressed) / total entered characters * 100 (%)

    For example,  if you enter a total of 100 characters with 60 key strokes, it will report that SwiftKey made my typing 40% more efficient. To improve your efficiency score, always use the predictions to choose words.

    2 - How to view your SwiftKey Stats

    To get your hands on SwiftKey Stats, you need to create a SwiftKey Account. 

    See here for information on creating a SwiftKey Account.

    Your SwiftKey Stats can be accessed by opening the SwiftKey app proper. Scroll down past the 'Typing' and 'Account' icons to see them.

    3 - How to view your Typing Heatmap

    The heatmap provides a visual representation of how accurately you type. Each “blob” on the heatmap represents a key on the keyboard. When you begin using SwiftKey, each blob is a perfect circle, representing average accuracy. As you use SwiftKey these blobs are morphed to fit the region that you tend to press when you want to use that key, thereby representing the unique way in which you use the SwiftKey Keyboard.

    This visualization also lets you see your own accuracy and shows the area SwiftKey associates most strongly with each letter. As you type, this is combined with other statistical data to provide the best estimate of what you intended to say. 


    Just tap the 'Typing Heatmap' button to view, save a copy and share on social media.

    4 - Having problems?

    It's important to note that it's not possible to backup or sync SwiftKey Stats between devices. So if you log into your SwiftKey Account on a new device (or after a fresh install) expect to see your list of words corrected, distance flowed etc. amount to zero.

    5 - Privacy & Data Security

    SwiftKey is centered around the concept that a keyboard that learns from your writing habits & predicts your most-used words is the fastest and easiest way to type on a smartphone. SwiftKey Stats is a fun way to get an insight into what’s going on behind the scenes of your SwiftKey Keyboard, and only you can see your SwiftKey Stats, unless you decide to share them. Your privacy and comfort are extremely important to us, as we expect they are for you.

    You can read more how SwiftKey protects your privacy and data in our Privacy Policy and Data Security Policy.

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    How can I ensure Backup & Sync doesn’t use up my Internet Data?

    There is an option for SwiftKey to sync only when connected to wifi. To select this option, please:

    1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
    2. Tap 'Account'
    3. Tap 'Backup & Sync'
    4. Check ‘Wi-Fi only’


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    If I uninstall SwiftKey and no longer wish to use it, what will happen to my SwiftKey Account data?

    If you wish to discontinue using SwiftKey, and remove all data from your SwiftKey Cloud account, then you will need to remove your SwiftKey Account first before uninstalling SwiftKey from your device.

    You can do so by following the steps below:

    1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
    2. Tap 'Account'
    3. Tap ‘Delete SwiftKey Account’
    4. Confirm that you wish to delete your account by tapping 'Delete'

    Please note that this will unregister all of your connected devices, and also delete your backed-up data from SwiftKey Cloud.



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    My SwiftKey Keyboard predictions have disappeared!

    If you've recently changed to a new device, your 'SwiftKey Stats' will be empty. These don't transfer across devices, and could cause you to wrongly assume your predictions have disappeared. 

    There are a number of legitimate reasons why you might not see your predictions:


    Make sure that you are using SwiftKey Keyboard as your default keyboard. To check this:

    1. Go to your device 'Settings'
    2. Look under ‘Language & input’
    3. Make sure that SwiftKey Keyboard is enabled

    If SwiftKey Keyboard is not listed, you will need to find it in your list of apps, select it, and complete the installation process.


    1. Go to any text input field
    2. Press the keyboard icon in your notification bar - choose 'SwiftKey Keyboard'.

    SwiftKey Keyboard deliberately does not offer predictions in some text fields: i.e. password fields and the 'to' field of emails. The app also does not offer predictions in other apps with code that clashes with SwiftKey Keyboard’s predictions.


    1. Open SwiftKey
    2. Tap 'Account', then 'Backup & Sync'
    3. Check that 'Backup & Sync' is enabled, and it has recently synced (within last few hours). If it hasn't, toggle the button to force a sync.


    If you're still having trouble, follow the below steps:

    1. Open SwiftKey
    2. Tap 'Account'. At the bottom select 'Log out'
    3. Go to your device's 'Apps' menu, select 'SwiftKey Keyboard'
    4. Tap 'Storage' then 'Clear Data'. Restart your phone
    5. Uninstall the SwiftKey app
    6. Download SwiftKey from the Google Play Store and complete the installation process
    7. Log into your SwiftKey account to restore your predictions

    Start typing an email address (or other such saved text) to confirm your predictions have been restored.


    Additionally, if your language pack download has failed, then you will not see any predictions. Please ensure that you are using a strong WiFi connection and have plenty of space on your device, and then try downloading again.

    If your device’s SD card is mounted (connected to PC using USB cable), then you will also not see any predictions, as the language models are stored on the SD card.

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    What Permissions are requested during the installation of SwiftKey Keyboard for Android and why?

    * Please note that certain devices may use different wording to describe these permissions.*

    Find accounts on this device
    This is used to make it easier for you to link accounts such as Google and Facebook to your SwiftKey Keyboard for cloud personalization. Rather than having to manually log in to each service, you can simply pick the relevant account from a list, saving time with authentication.

    Read SMS or MMS: 
    During the first run setup of SwiftKey Keyboard for Android, we personalize from your sent SMS messages in order to establish a base for your personalized language model. This model remains local on your device unless you sign up for a SwiftKey Account, where it may form part of the data that is backed up and synced.

    Photos / Media / Files:
    We use this to store language packs, configuration data and themes on the SD card/external storage of the phone or tablet, as this would take up too much of the device’s internal storage. This is a standard and recommended practice.

    Modify/delete SD card contents: 
    SwiftKey's learned language file is stored on your SD card (or equivalent). We are constantly fine-tuning your learned language file based upon your own communication patterns. When you add new words to SwiftKey, this file will be modified to provide you with SwiftKey user-specific predictions. Themes are also saved to the SD card.

    Manage internal storage contents: 
    We store some information on your internal storage to enable us to improve performance.

    Read phone state and identity: 
    This is used to generate a unique identifier for your device, which helps when tracking bug reports and errors, as well as providing you with support. Your device's IMEI is used to generate this unique identifier, but we cannot deduce the actual IMEI based on the identifier itself.

    Error reports are automatically sent silently in the background on the rare occasions the app crashes. However, they do not contain personal data - only programming crash analytics that we use to determine the problem in the software, as is standard with most popular apps. We use this to fix the bugs that have caused any crashes.

    Full Internet access / Wifi / Network Access:
    This is required to allow SwiftKey to download language modules so that you can benefit from our prediction technology. It allows the keyboard to take advantage of our optional cloud services, including Personalization, Backup & Sync, downloading themes and for error reports. All data is handled using anonymized requests. It also allows for our optional Location sharing feature. See our privacy policy for more details on how we protect your data.

    Access Location:
    In order to use SwiftKey's Location Sharing feature we send your GEO point and WiFi information to Bing's Location recognition service. We only retrieve your Location results once (when the Location panel is opened) and SwiftKey doesn't ever store this Location data.

    Read Android Calendar:
    SwiftKey uses the Native Android Calendar to enable Calendar Sharing features. SwiftKey doesn't store any Calendar information, it just reads from the Calendar when necessary.

    Control Vibration:
    We need this permission to allow users to edit/turn on or off their keypress vibration.

    Prevent Device from Sleeping:
    We require this permission to stop the phone going to sleep when we are, for example, in the middle of doing a backup for those users who have opted in to the Backup & Sync service from their SwiftKey Account.

    Run at Startup:
    This ensures SwiftKey Keyboard is started at the right part after booting up on the phone or tablet.

    Location Sharing:
    Location is determined by nearby WiFi and GPS

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    What data is collected / sent while using SwiftKey?

    Two types of data can be transferred while using SwiftKey Keyboard.

    First, anonymous usage stats are periodically sent back (much like the SwiftKey statistics you can see for yourself) to help us understand how people use SwiftKey and how we can make it better. We get meta-level insights such as how many characters people have entered in total and how many keystrokes have been saved, but we don’t know anything about what you have been writing. If the app crashes, anonymous info about the crash will be sent to Google and to us.

    Second, if you create a SwiftKey Account, various additional data can be transferred to our servers to help us provide these services. For example, if you have Backup & Sync enabled, you give explicit permission for your personal language model data to be stored on our servers and processed to ensure prediction consistency between your devices. If you elect to use the SwiftKey Account personalization services, you give explicit permission for our servers to process your personal message data from these services, in order to improve the word predictions that SwiftKey gives you.

    The data policy for personalization services is explained in our privacy policy.

    All of this data can be destroyed at any time by erasing your SwiftKey Account data or deleting your SwiftKey Account. 

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