• My themes are missing


    If it looks like your themes are missing please follow the steps below:

    1. Open your Microsoft SwiftKey app
    2. Select 'Themes'
    3. There are three tabs: 'Gallery', 'Yours', and 'Custom'
    4. Your theme(s) should all appear here. You might need to tap to download a theme again.


    If you're unable to find your theme(s), please contact us at:

    To aid us in our investigations please could you provide the following details: 

    • Which themes are affected?
    • Are you signed-in with a Microsoft SwiftKey Account?
    • Phone/Android OS/SwiftKey version


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  • Photo themes for Android
    1. What are Photo themes?
    2. How to design a theme
    3. How to delete your theme
    4. FAQs


    1 - What are Photo themes?

    We introduced Photo themes as we believe you should be able to express your style in more than just words.

    The feature allows you to design your own keyboard theme by picking any of your photos as the background. Personalise your theme further by resizing the photo, choose background darkness, plus toggle key borders and symbols.


    2 - Designing a Photo theme

    Here we'll guide you through all of the steps necessary to design your own Photo theme(s):

    drawisland__5_.png  Screenshot_2022-07-12-20-14-59-04_161c4df0014a975845dadb1da5b4d486__01.jpg Screenshot_2022-07-12-20-20-14-59_161c4df0014a975845dadb1da5b4d486__01.jpg


    • Tap the 'Themes' icon on your Toolbar
    • Select the 'Custom' tab


    • Open your Microsoft SwiftKey app
    • Tap 'Themes'
    • Select the 'Custom' tab


    1. Tap 'Start' to design a new theme. 
    2. Press the 'Add Image' button to choose photos from your camera roll or an alternative location. Your photos must be in either JPG or PNG format.

    Next, we'll take you through the various adjustment options available. When you've finished, remember to hit 'Done' or your design will disappear.


    Resize and reposition

    You can:

    • Pull focus to a particular area. Just pinch to zoom in and out of your photo.
    • Drag your photo around within the boundary box to reposition it.

    it's not possible to rotate your photo at present.


    Adjust background brightness

    The background brightness can be controlled by dragging the slider left and right. This setting determines how much of the photo is visible behind the keys. It defaults to 45%.


    Toggle key borders

    Choose between showing borders around your keys.

    borders.jpg borders_1.jpg

    Toggle symbols on keyboard

    You can specify whether you want your Photo theme to include symbols on the keys.

    keyboard_symbols_1.jpg Keyboard_Symbols_2.jpg

    3 - How to delete Photo themes

    Please note that once you delete a theme you won't be able to get it back. Instead you'll need to begin your design again from scratch.

    To delete:

    1. Long press on your theme to reveal the 'Delete' prompt
    2. Tap on it to confirm

     You cannot delete a theme that's currently in use.


    4 - FAQs


    Microsoft SwiftKey will ask for your permission to access your photos when you enter the Photo themes wizard for the first time. You'll need to confirm and accept in order to create your own.

    For more information on our Privacy Policy please visit this link:


    Do Photo themes work with Backup & Sync?

    It is not currently possible to use Backup & Sync to save your Photo themes to your Microsoft SwiftKey Account. Therefore if you remove Microsoft SwiftKey from your device you'll lose any themes you previously created.

    This also means that your themes cannot be transferred between Android and iOS devices.


    Additional customisation options

    There are differences between Photo themes on Android and iOS. The Microsoft SwiftKey team monitor all feedback closely and will make changes accordingly.


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  • Which themes are available for my Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard?


    Microsoft SwiftKey has many themes available to download - all for free - so you can customise your keyboard how you want.


    To see the themes currently installed on your device, open the Microsoft SwiftKey app and tap 'Themes'.

    Tap 'Gallery' to view all the other designs currently available.


    Main_setting_2022.png   Theme_gallary_2022.png


    We are adding more themes all the time so be sure to check back often.

    You can also view and change themes from Toolbar:

    1. Open Toolbar 
    2. Select the 'Themes' tab (indicated by the palette icon) and click on Gallery
    3. Choose the theme you wish to apply to your keyboard






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  • Do my themes back up across devices?

    Your purchased themes and content are all backed up to your Microsoft SwiftKey Account. 

    When you download Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard on your new phone or your other Android devices, be sure to sign into the same Microsoft SwiftKey Account that you used to purchase your content from the SwiftKey Theme Store. Your purchased themes should show as available to download.

    Please note that themes cannot be synced across Android/iOS platforms.

    Also, please note that it is not currently possible to use Backup & Sync to save your Photo themes to your Microsoft SwiftKey Account.

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