SwiftKey Note
  • Why is SwiftKey Note no longer available in the App Store?

    Thank you for your interest in SwiftKey Note. SwiftKey Note is no longer available in the App Store on iOS. We recommend all iPhone and iPad users try Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS instead - it replaces your keyboard across all your apps so it’s perfect for not just note-taking but SMS, email and whatever else you need to type. This was a strategic decision by our team as we focus our resources on building the best possible experience with Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS.

    If you’ve already downloaded the SwiftKey Note app it will continue to work on your iPhone up to iOS 10.3. The only difference in it not being an “officially supported” app is that you will not receive new updates.

    SwiftKey Note won't work on devices running iOS 11.

    You can still find a collection of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ about the app in the SwiftKey Note section of our help center.

    Thank you for using SwiftKey Note and we hope you enjoy using Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone and iPad.

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  • How do I clear my learned language?

    From the note list view > press ‘settings’ in the top left hand corner > select ‘advanced’ > press ‘clear learned language data’. 

    You will be prompted that if you continue, you will lose everything that SwiftKey Note has learned about your writing style, including any new words you have used. Press continue to proceed.

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  • How do I access settings?

    From the note list view, press the cog icon at the top left hand corner of the screen.

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  • How do I delete a note?

    There are two ways to delete a note:

    1. In the note list view, swipe the note left and you will see option to delete. 
    2. In the note edit view, press the trash can.
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  • How do tags work?

    Tags let you quickly identify notes with a common theme, such as ‘actions’ or ‘important’.

    To add a tag to a note:

    1.  In the note edit view, tap the tag icon along the top
    2.  Then either search for a tag, scroll down to find one (or create a new tag by typing in the search field and pressing 'create')

    Each note can have multiple tags.


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  • How do I create and save a note?

    To create a note, press the plus symbol at the top right of the main screen. When you have finished typing your note, press ‘done’ to save.

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  • How do notebooks work?

    Your notes can be organized into notebooks. Notebooks are useful for grouping together related notes, such as ‘Recipes’ or ‘Tasks’.

    Each note can only belong to one book.

    To create a new notebook, it's as simple as going to the notebooks tab and pressing the 'Add new notebook' button underneath the search field.

    Adding a note to a notebook:
    To add a note to a notebook, in the note edit view, tap the notebook icon in the top left-hand corner. You can tick/search a notebook from the list or add a new notebook by typing a new notebook name and then pressing the 'Create' button underneath the search field.

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  • How do I enable more languages?

    From the notes list view > tap the settings button in the top left hand corner > tap Languages > select languages to enable/download.

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  • How do I access/use the formatting bar?

    To access the SwiftKey Note formatting bar, simply swipe left on the prediction bar to reveal the formatting bar. You can access options for bold, italics, and other formatting by pressing these buttons.

    When you start typing, the candidate bar will return automatically.

    Please note that the formatting bar is not supported in iOS 6.

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