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  • My Collection icon is missing


    We recently made a change to Toolbar, and as a consequence the 'Collection' icon has been rehomed.


    To view your Collection:

    1. Open the Toolbar by tapping theIcon to expand Toolbar icon
    2. Select the 'Stickers' icon
    3. Tap the 'Star' icon at the bottom



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  • How do I hide the Toolbar on Microsoft SwiftKey?


    We recently made a change to the Toolbar on your Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard. 


    Just tap the Toolbar close icon icon to the left of the prediction bar to close or hide the Toolbar.



    Tap theIcon to expand Toolbaricon when you want to expand or open your Toolbar.



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  • Blank space at bottom of Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard


    Please note this is not a Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard issue.




    This blank space is related to a change implemented in Android 10 and above, and also affects other keyboards using gesture navigation.


    To fix:

    1. Go to your device settings
    2. Display
    3. Navigation bar
    4. Turn off "Show button to hide keyboard".

    Depending on your device, the options available to you may differ.


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  • I’ve been signed out of my Microsoft SwiftKey Account / I get an error message when signing-in to my Microsoft SwiftKey Account


    We have made changes to our Backup & Sync service which requires users to be on the latest version of Microsoft SwiftKey to sign in. 

    In order to sign back into your Microsoft SwiftKey Account, you’ll need to update to the latest version of Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard in the Google Play Store. Click here to visit the Google Play Store.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused.



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