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    Hari Kyasa

    Hello, thank you for reaching us. Could you please let us know, what is the default language enabled on your device? The currency key responds directly to the language/locale that the phone is set to, regardless of the language model/layout in use in SwiftKey. So if your phone language is set to English UK, you’ll get a £; if it’s English US, you should get a $ (and Yen with Japanese, Euro with French/Spanish/German and so on).

    Fur further information, we request you please refer to the below support article.
    My currency key on the home keyboard does not match my language/layout selection. – SwiftKey Support

    Regarding your issue with the space before punctuation. Could you please let us know, if the Auto space is enabled in the SwiftKey app. Please go to SwiftKey app and click on settings > tap on Typing and then check for the Auto space?

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