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    Hey. Everyone likes diff things and ways to use their keyboard. As you can imagine, the way we type has become the whole way in which we run our whole life’s. I will pass on once again the request for number row and let’s see what happens.

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    Permanently Deleted User

    Thanks. In the current days of needing numbers in passwords NOT having that number row that anyone with a computer is used to using is just so very strange and more work. If I had ever had an iPhone I would have complained to Apple a long time ago! Shortly after I sent my request to Swiftkey, they did create a new Zig Zag theme. I won't assume it was for me...though I live in Zigzag, Oregon!

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    Permanently deleted user

    Totally agree with the number row. I got back to the native keyboard because of that. It's a very catchy feature.

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    Kelli stark

    Agree with the number row but ya everybody has a different liking.well, I m using native keyboard.

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