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    I'm having the sabre issue just this week using speak. Response is slow and it switches back to iOS keyboard. Bet frustrating. Glitchy seems a very good description

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    Álvaro Salgado

    Same here

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    Gísli Sigurður Gunnlaugsson



    Every correction or autofill results in a crash. Although it always reloads swiftkey instead of switching to iOS, it's really annoying and renders swiftkey useless for me. 

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    Devesh (Dev) Mistry

    Folks - any update on this? Performance is terrible

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    bob holling

    Same here. Happens with other apps, but behavior in Spark is the worst.

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    Permanently deleted user

    I see the same issues + that in Gmail I am not even able any more to select Swiftkey. @Swiftkey-Support: Any response to these frustrating issues?

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    Dennis King

    Add one more to this issue. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling. No effect other than me losing everything SwiftKey had learned about me. Bummer. 

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    Jasmin Klindzic

    SwiftKey keeps flashing and crashing while typing in Spark. Really annoying. Please fix this.

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    Lucas Barcelos de Oliveira

    + 1

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    Quick tip: The Spark iOS app has been updated and from the looks of it the glitches are gone. 

    From their changelog:

    “[FIXED] For everyone out there using custom keyboards like Gboard or SwiftKey, we improved their performance in Spark.”

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    Don't know what Spark did, but it didn't fix the problem with SwiftKey on my iPad Pro. iPhoneX works fine, but it may have always been OK. I am running the newest version of iOS, Spark and SwiftKey. SwiftKey also hasn't posted a response that the problem is Sparks. 

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