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    Hi there,

    Thanks for the detailed feedback. 

    As for the 2nd feedback, I suggest you to join the conversation here.

    As for the 1st and 3rd feedback, well, we have some hidden tricks. Please read this article, it might help you on the question mark input. In SwiftKey, you can long-press on the delete key, that would help you to delete word by word, and the long-press duration is adjustable in the settings. 

    Happy typing


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    @alpert: stop referring people to your "article".  It is not pertinent to the questions.

    You are pissing people off.  It is quite annoying to have to hold+select to get a question mark.

    99% of users hate this.  Why can't you folks see the light?

    You give a less important comma a dedicated key, but you make it more difficult to access a more needed ?.

    It's not rocket-science that your users are asking you to figure out.  And it's not rocket-science to make your users happy and remapping this correctly.


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