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    Hector Ruiz

    1- This has been an issue on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and 9 (US, Sprint)

    2- Android version in my Note 9 is 8.1.0

    3- Current SwiftKey version is

    4- I already provided a repro step....I long press the d to type an &, then swipe my next word, and it starts resolving a word that does not begin with the letter at the beginning of the swipe; instead it's a word that begins with a nearby letter along the swipe path. Then as I continue swiping, it continues resolving new unrelated words...it's actually kind of funny, albeit frustrating. Other long press special characters may do this too, like at least one of the parentheses, but I don't have time to scour the keyboard for other instances.

    5- Here's a gif of me trying to type big & small:

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    Hector Ruiz

    Bump. This issue persists. Is SwiftKey planning on doing anything about it? 

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