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    🏁🏁Corey aka Cease🏁🏁

    Not able to send to Google Voice messages. Can this be remedied?

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    Stephen Mennemeyer

    My Google voice is tied to Google hangouts. So I can not send voice messages through ANY device unless I am using Google hangouts app to send them.

    Which I prefer. With this set up, I can send and receive my Google voice number calls received or send, as well as text, with a simple app (or 2 apps, very small). As well as being fully aware of which number is being called (rather than my Google voice going through my normal phone, where I receive personal phone calls from friends that enjoy giving sh*t 😁, I instead chose have those calls come in through Google hangouts dialer app. Kinda a pita, at 1st. However, after a little use I found that I got over it and the benefit outweighs the cost. The Google hangoutshangouts app and the hangouts dialer app have become very handy for the purpose (work-now I never answer a prospective client unintentionally in an unprofessional manner. With this set up, I can assure ALL my clients are greeted well and it has helped my business have a great 1st impression.

    IDK if that is what you use it for or not, but it 

    ya very easy to customize in Google voice settings. You cancan easily change your settings to allow youryour calls to go anywhere you like.

    If you would prefer to use Google voice for calls and text. Simply disconnect Google hangouts in your Google voice app settings.

    If that's in fact what your issue is, & if that's what you'd prefer to make and recurve your Google voice text and calls.

    Gluck! I hope that helps. 

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