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    Same here. Please fix this urgently.

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    Sorry guys. Don't expect any answer. Since 2/3 months they are simply ignoring Note 8 users.

    Jusy generic answers and they refuse to apply the fix they did for Note 5 and S8.

    Basically, they are treating this bizarre huge bug as a "precious feature" for those who liked this big keyboard size.

    Resuming, no respect both for those who wants a big keyboard (and must rely to a bug) ando also got those who simply can't type with the keyboard huge like this and since 2011/2012 are used to the good and old size.

    Oh, also no respect for those who paid lots of money for the keyboard itself and lots of themes in the past. Not only in one account, but more than one.

    People in XDA just found that, if rooted, the fix is SO STUPID. Just change the namem/code of the device to the S8 one and SwiftKey is back to normal even in the highest resolution. Just to prove how stupid is this issue.

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