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    Ryan P


    So we changed this behavior slightly. You can continue to use this old way, but you have to type at least two letters before you can flow.

    We made this change because after looking at our data, we say it was a very poor experience trying to flow shorter words. 

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    Permanently deleted user

    I was about to contact support for the exact same scenario.  I relate to you Carven!

    I, too, find this annoying.  Many times, I swipe a word, and it's incorrect, so I delete the letters back until the correct ones at the beginning are left, and then swipe the rest of the word.  But, like Carven notes, it now leaves a space and starts a new word.  Quite frustrating.

    I will try to get used to this, but that convenience is already being missed.  Please consider reverting this change, or making it a setting that I can manually choose. (although I admit that setting would be hard to describe or label... lol)


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