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    Permanently deleted user

    Hello, thank you for reaching out.
    Our team is looking into this, on a priority basis and trying to make it better. We are very very thankful to you for the input given by you. We appreciate your bearing with us in the meantime.

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    Ali Naimi

    I've searched Persian websites. Most of users believed this thing annoying.
    In PC keyboard (windows) persian phonetics have binded to the main characters while in swiftkey it has another button which maybe unnecessary (because using phonetics is not usual in Persian typing).
    And in almost every keyboard even in ios arabic, گ is the long pressed ک .
    And this is just an example of how Persian Keyboard of Swiftkey is confusing.
    Also double space make the punctuation after the space .
    Like what I did right now . And it leaves a space between last word and the punctuation .
    I'm using swiftkey beta right now (it maybe causes in this version)
    I believe what SwiftKey needs right now, is a customisable keyboard which let users to custom layout .

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    payman z

    This issue still not solved.

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