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    Paweł Mikul

    Same problem :/

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    Bahram Sayed Ismail

    Same problem

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    terry jones

    Same here moving from a s8 to s10

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    Bikash Agarwal

    Me too please help me out!!!!


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    Stefano Veneziano

    Same problem here. I just tried to sync data from my old Honor 8 to my new P30, it is saying it's synced although no predictions are showing up. I also tried to install SwiftKey on another spare phone and sync it with my account, but I'm still experiencing the same issue as before. 

    According to this, to me it seems that there are some issues in the SwiftKey backup & restore procedure... Does someone have any more information about this issue?

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    Karim Mneimneh

    Glad it's not only me. Not sure what's the issue. I tried logging out/ in , clear cache, delete app and reinstall it, reboot.  I even tried a different phone. 


    I will sync but nothing is happening, no learned words appearing in prediction. Any idea ?

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    Same problem. Help us

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    Samarat Talawar

    Same problem yaar please solve this problem please yaar
    I really very disappointed with this problem 😫😫😫

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    Erico Constantino

    2 threads, a lot of people with this problem! Microsoft, any feedbacks?


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    Flavia Daniela

    Same problem Galaxy S9

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    Mhd Elmurad

    Tidak tau musti menjawab Apa

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    Teodor Halvadzhiev

    Same problem after wiping my OnePlus 3.

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    Ashish Yadav

    Same issue here.
    Do they even see these feedbacks?

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    Angelo Pol

    Today I did a factory reset on my phone and after this no word predictions. I moved from nougat to pie..

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    Manuel Cancho

    Same problem here......  ANGRU!!

    I have spent many years using this app and when it was the paid version I bought it., now I see that they do not anwer to a problem that is repeated in all the users who change phones., I am very angry with the support!!!