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    Ryan P

    Hi all,

    Please use this master thread to continue to comment on this feature



    This is to help keep all communication organized. 

    There is no way to turn this on/off at this time.

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    Ryan P

    Hi Davesh,

    Why don't you like this new method? I understand it may be new to you, but give it a try for a few days and see if your thoughts change.

    This is to help improve the Flow experience.

    So if you Flow a word, and the Flow is not correct, instead of deleting and starting over, there should be a good chance that one of the other words is the word you meant to type.

    So from there, you could just continue typing or Flowing.


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    Permanently Deleted User

    Thanks for the prompt reply. I have a couple of issues with the new method.

    I find that only occasionally do I need to correct a flow. So, having the next word predictions is more useful than alternatives for the current word.

    Also, with the new system, if I flow a word and the word is correct, I press the spacebar to see the predictions. Doing this adds 2 spaces! Yes, I could just choose the middle word in the bar but that seems an odd thing to do. It feels more natural to me to hit the spacebar.

    Ultimately, this new method feels slower compared to the old method. I loved that SwiftKey knew what the next words need to be and they were there without me needing to press anything.

    Can it be an option in the settings?

    I'm currently using beta where it's the old method. Strange, I would have thought this would have been trialled in beta first?! If you can't make it an option in the main branch, can you please make it the default or at least an option in beta?

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    Hritwik Jadhav

    I've run into a bug, because of the new change in flow typing wherein there is no space inserted after each flown word.

    Conditions to reproduce :

    -I have enabled the 'autocomplete word by tapping space' option on.
    -I go to Google chrome and tap the search bar.
    -I flow a word.. Suppose I flow 'SwiftKey'.
    -there's a centre prediction, suppose 'Google'.
    -then I flow the next word without tapping space.
    -'SwiftKey' will be replaced with 'Google' when I start flowing the next word.

    This is getting highly irritating. Can you just bring back the space after a flown word?

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    Permanently Deleted User

    I too feel that this feature is slowing me down, can I opt out from this update?

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