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    Brandon O'Berry

    Thanks for the feedback, Alex. At this time, there is not an option that restricts the spacebar during Flow. I'll pass this along to the team to see what they think, but I can't make any promises of if/when this may be addressed. I'll certainly let you know if something comes up, though!

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    Permanently Deleted User

    Has been any updates on this? Because I'm getting real tired of accidentally making 20 smaller words each time i try and spell out 3+ syllable word.

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    Permanently Deleted User

    I would also really like an update on this.

    It didn't always work this way. IIRC, this was added along with (or close to) the changes that brought the flow debacle last year. Thankfully, that huge, awful change was reverted. But this annoyance still remains.

    This is especially a problem for those of us who know our way around a keyboard and can swipe very quickly. My speed and accuracy have gone down with this change. (Also from poor auto-corrects when I specifically slow down and swipe exactly what I want 4 times in a row, seeing the word I am spelling out in the prediction bar each time, only to have it changed... But that's a different topic...)

    At least make it an option that can be disabled. :(

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