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    Please notice that the prediction on the left is what you just typed, no touched or auto-corrected by SwiftKey. You can use that instead of hitting the space bar, which will insert the prediction in the middle.

    One step back to your question, disable the prediction bar temporarily is not possible at this moment. It's controlled by how the dev coded the text field, for instance, the prediction bar will be hidden while typing passwords.


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    Permanently deleted user

    I also would like to turn of predictions for a couple of apps, I am learning two languages and I want to learn how to spell in the said languages without the help of predictive text.

    They hinder the learning experience.

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    Théo Dela

    I second that, I use several learning apps (Duolingo, Anki) which often use the same sentences and the predictions are too good, so they always give me the answer and the spelling, I really would like a setting to disable them, whether it's a kind of "incognito mode" or for some selected apps.

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