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    Upon discussing this with our team, thus is a known functionality. It was discovered when the phrase prediction was released. The easiest way to get around that is here:

    The easiest and least intrusive way to delete phrase is, if you have the phrase "you will" occur and you long press delete the word "you" the phrase will no longer exist.

    Also do you get a vibration feedback while long pressing phrases?


    This is an odd thing because in the algorithm deleting the phrase also removes the predicted words, so it would cause a mass delete in words commonly used which could be more painful than not being able to remove the phrase. That being said, I believe we could find a way to make this easier for Android users.

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    Perfect, thank you! Deleting one word of the phrase has solved my issue, I am however curious if the frequency of the phrase being suggested will return once the deleted word is learned again.

    To answer your question I do get a vibration feedback when long pressing on the phrase, the only difference is that the window with the option to delete doesn't populate. I hadn't noticed it before but I double checked before deleting anything, I think my battery must have been low when I discovered the issue. Thank you for your help!

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    Over the last several months SwiftKey inserts a two word prediction far more often than it used to and I need to be able to delete or disable two word predictions from happening otherwise I'm backing up and correcting the two word prediction that it put into sentences this is becoming very annoying and often embarrassing.

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