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    Permanently Deleted User


    I believe every possible sms app has a setting to transform your diacritics into normal letters. In Contacts+ app is hidden under some 3 level settings, but it has an easy name: "ignore accents". I used to have this setting on old Nokia 3510 phone, so it must be there, just under some different name, such as "character encoding". Toggling this setting ensures you always use the 160 chars per message, but your emoji will be lost. This is the reason there still are text emoji :-);-)

    Hope this helps!

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    As someone using incognito mode for more conventional reasons, I'd like to be able to change its theme as well. The mask on the background in particular is distracting as hell

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    Yeah I'd like the idea of not changing the theme too.
    To me, a sign that'd be visible all the time on the "+" icon at top left (left to the predictions) would be a better approach (or maybe completely changing the "+" icon to an incognito symbol with bold lines). Or showing that incognito indicator on space bar with the name of the language for better visibility. And also if it's that necessary for you to darken the background, then you may apply a darkening filter over the current theme's background for example.
    These are my suggestions on this as, I (like many people that I know that are doing the same) have started to use the keyboard mostly in incognito mode after a point; as when I decided that it learned enough and predictions are as I'd like them. For example I'm turning the incognito mode on right after O I reboot my phone.
    Please take this suggestion on not changing the theme in incognito mode seriously (or at least providing and option for that) and, have a good day(/or night, whatever) :D

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    Miguel Belo

    No need to be a genius to see how ugly incognito "theme" is.
    So... Just remove the default theme and use the same theme on normal mode.
    I really understand that's need to be a way to Differentiate one mode from the other, but I think it preferable to place the mask symbol on the space bar

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    Tero Lehtonen

    After the latest update, the incognito theme has taken a major leap to worse! Giant incognito logo in the middle of keyboard is very annoying and disturbing

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    Fritz Michael Gschwantner

    This is pretty annoying. When using Signal, the keyboard automatically uses the incognito "theme". Which is fine! However, its usability is just horrible, since it does not show any special characters etc.

    Please change the incognito keyboard, so that **everything** is still visible - plus some sort of incognito indicator.

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    Topic: Incognito Mode theme and translate service provider option other than just Bing Bing

    To be honest I'm quite happy with new incognito theme. Maybe it's because of how friggin' ugly the previous one was but, I don't know. I even used it's background color on my custom Telegram X theme and as the bg color of the Swift Installer theme here lol.

    But still, I'd prefer to be able to see the theme of my choice in incognito mode. No friggin' changes on my part opinion here, please just give us the choice at least.

    For example Miguel Belo's suggestion should be reasonable for you guys, please consider something like that (or what I've suggested before) or at least make a public poll/Google form thing (and see how overwhelmingly many will us that would prefer to have our "normal mode" theme showing on incognito mode, over the ones who'd pass on having the choice lol).

    And also thanks for giving us the choice of using Google for the search functionally. Please consider (make) the same with the translation tool.

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