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    Brandon O'Berry

    Thanks for the report, Kalina. If I may ask, are you referring to something like this?

    If so, then I can only suggest that this has to do with your device's built-in Spell Checking system. If you have Polish set as the default language on the device, then it will highlight/underline any words it doesn't recognize as a Polish word. Sadly, this means that this error is not caused by SwiftKey, but you may turn off Spell Check to see if this helps with the problem.

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    Kalina Karolina

    Hi Brandon, thanks for your reply. I assumed this was an issue with SwiftKey as it doesn't happen with Gboard, but now I've realised Gboard has problems of its own that's why it wasn't happening with Gboard... Turning Spell Check off indeed fixes the problem, the only issue is that I've got two options: to have everything underlined as incorrect or to have nothing underlined as incorrect :) But thanks a lot for your reply, it's helped me identify the problem, i.e. that this phone is a piece of *** and should be run over with a bulldozer or thrown into Spartan bottomless pit of death. It's not SwiftKey's fault anyway.

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    Krissy Johnson


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