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    Ryan P

    Hi Pete,

    Thanks for the feedback. Let's see what we can do here.


    1. If you have auto correct turned off, whatever you type should be the word that is written. If this is not the case, as you stated, then I'd say it's a bug. 

    2. We create our own dictionaries. We believe ours is very good. This also sounds like it could be a bug or a corrupted language file. 

    3. This could be related to point 2. Or perhaps we need to be better

    4. We toned down our auto correct because it was overaggressively changing words people wanted to not. So sometimes when you type sloppy, a word is not auto corrected because we felt like it could have been something you wanted. 

    For issues 1 and 2. I might recommend a fresh install. Note that this will delete any locally saved data on your device. We have an Account that backs up your SwiftKey data. If it still happens, you may want to think about clearing typing data via SK settings > menu > clear typing data.

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