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    Ryan P

    This thread is a duplicate of an already on going post. I'm closing this one.

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    Hello David,

    [Quote from Prad] Do you mean you don't like this new method? I understand it may be new to you, but give it a try for a few days and see if your thoughts change.

    This is to help improve the Flow experience.

    So if you Flow a word, and the Flow is not correct, instead of deleting and starting over, there should be a good chance that one of the other words is the word you meant to type.

    So from there, you could just continue typing or Flowing.

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    Ryan P

    Hi David, 

    Can you please expand a bit more on this punctuation issue. Please list reproducible steps so we can see what you are talking about. 



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    Hritwik Jadhav

    Hello. This is not a bug. This is a new change to SwiftKey Flow feature. I despise it as well. I used to flow and then insert predictions on the go, but this change wrecked the tendency. Also,

    I've run into a bug, because of the new change in flow typing wherein there is no space inserted after each flown word.

    Conditions to reproduce :

    -I have enabled the 'autocomplete word by tapping space' option on.
    -I go to Google chrome and tap the search bar.
    -I flow a word.. Suppose I flow 'SwiftKey'.
    -there's a centre prediction, suppose 'Google'.
    -then I flow the next word without tapping space.
    -'SwiftKey' will be replaced with 'Google' when I start flowing the next word.

    This is getting highly irritating. Can you just bring back the space after a flown word?

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    Permanently Deleted User

    I agree 100%with what David and others write regarding this new functionality. Word prediction no longer exists now, it only shows me what I just flowed. Useless. Why would you go and mess with something that was working and break it. I just don't get it. Change it back please, else I will need to replace this new junky SwiftKey.

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