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    Ryan P

    The main thread for this is located here:


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    I actually like that. In the new Update I can immediately choose another suggestion if the chosen word isn't correct.
    I would just wish that it would also apply to characters like.,!? It's very annoying for me to have useless whitespace at the end of lines/messages and some character combinations like ----- are difficult to enter after a word. This is in my opinion the only downside of SwiftKey compared to other keyboards. (There are also thousands of extremely rarely used words in the dictionary, but that's a problem with every Android keyboard.)
    Since there apparently are different opinions about this, maybe it could become an option?

    Edit: I just read something in another post: It disables predictions for the next word until you press space. That's true. Personally I use that feature rarely, but for people who do use it, it can really slow them down. I think there will be more tight out into this in the future

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