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    Hello Matt,

    Very thoughtful ideas. I'm giving you link to submit the feedback directly to the team:

    Please click on here.

    The final develop decision or the delay of development is not hold by me. But I want to share my personal thoughts with you.

    The long-press characters location is, how to say that...is different from all keyboard apps. SwiftKey's is different from Gboard's, which is different from TouchPal's, and the which is different from Go Keyboard's...The list could go very long. There is no a standard or a rule to follow by devs to create long-press map. Users have different choices so that the difficulty of "getting used to" is always there. 

    As for the customization of long-press characters, that's sort of deep customization, as a tech lover I know how convenient that may be. Like the customizable key shortcut on the RazerBlade laptop. But SwiftKey is an app focusing on daily communication, it's designed to be used in normal situation. Most users are not devs, not geeks, which means keeping things simple is also important. It's very difficult to find the balance between "more customizations" and "keep things simple and easy to use". Hope you can understand it as well while bringing up good ideas.

    Remember, there's no bad ideas and that's my personal opinion. In fact all ideas are worthy to be discussed, but let the user feedback and SwiftKey team to decide which is better.

    Thank you for supporting SwiftKey



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    @Alpert, you did not understand half of what he said. 

    His mistake, is to tell you he was in tech.  Perhaps that would have helped you read his comments, without being prejudiced on what he was about to say. 

    He said, different phones and operating systems have different locations for alternate characters.  Perhaps different android versions do, and I am almost certain that apple and android don't put them in the same locations.  This confuses users, and makes re-learning very hard... and makes life even harder when moving from one device (phone) to another (tablet or computer). 

    I would like to move the Q onto the bottom row, for a simple reason:  so that when you choose a larger keyboard, it can also become wider, and not just taller. 

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