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    Stephen Mennemeyer

    Yeah I've been wondering WTF too? And why are those annoying incorrectly written out words from Gmail still popping up (that is extremely annoying BTW)?

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    Gabriel Ribeiro

    I was expecting this post was way older. But now, I'm feeling like I want to back up my personalized data and dictionary across other services, syncing Facebook, Microsoft and Google at the same time. Idk if that's the point of your question, but I'm looking for a way to do this. If it was possible in the past, I don't know. I haven't been following much about the changes, and I've installed SK Beta a long time ago and set it in the "auto-pilot" mode.


    Now I'm wondering if there's or will ever be a way to do this in an asynchronous way or if we'll have to wait for the good will of the developers to implement this. 😔

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    Bill Pairaktaridis

    Same. Personalization is totally missing from the "Account" screen and a bunch of my words and phrases are totally gone. I have a set sentence I use all the time and it's available on my old phone but not the new one. There seems to be a MAJOR issue with their sync services, if you just see the other posts on the forum. No reply from SwiftKey so far.

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