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    Unfortunately currently we don't support to turn if off. The trail gives the visual feedback.

    If you want an option for it, please submit a request here.

    Thank you


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    Permanently deleted user

    I strongly support this. I have found three request like this, including my own.

    Two years ago. Should be easy to disable the visualization of the glide/flow.

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    Kanat Bolazar

    The visual feedback actually makes it harder to see letters on the keyboard, which makes it harder to type, which slows down typing speed.

    I switched from Samsung keyboard because there was no way to fix its terrible autocorrect. It had learned to replace "reach" with "r each" and even though I could remove single words from its dictionary, the two-word combo "r each" was untouchable, and it had forgotten the word "reach" completely.

    What I'm trying to say is sometimes something is annoying and you live with it.

    At some point you just get rid of the product and don't ever look back.

    I'm a software engineer who likes a high degree of control, for speed. Anything flashy and distracting WILL slow you down even if you don't notice the slow-down. This is flashy and distracting and I notice compared to Samsung keyboard without the visual feedback that I swipe slower right now.

    The whole point of Swipe is speed. I know this will look cool to friends, but it actually messes up speed of swiping. If it were semi-transparent, it would be a million times better. Why must you block my clean view of the keyboard and the keys?

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    Jota Lacerda

    Stupid thing.

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