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    Ryan P

    Hi Ben,

    Yes you would have to do that. Why do you want to reset the map?

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    amcgb .

    +1 I want to re-set the training/customization, would rather not delete and reinstall if possible.

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    Mobile App User

    It's hard for them to understand why users would like to reset the mapping because for some reason they don't know how inaccurate this keyboard is. Especially when trying to use the "flow" (swipe) feature. After using it for any amount of time and the AI that they built in gets so bad that swiping is almost impossible. Your tap map shows how the AI adjustes your keys. This just seems like a unless idea, and instead of helping your accuracy it makes it worse.

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    Ben Kleinman

    Exactly. I want to reset and restart now that I have practice.

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    Permanently Deleted User

    I agree this should be an option. I have multiple people using my iPad so I think my key map has gotten screwed up

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    Permanently deleted user

    Any progress on this? The keymap is so out of whack it is completely unusable. Word Flow was 1000% better than Swift Key.  It is actually much slower for me to use Swift Key than Word Flow.

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