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    Hi Sven,

    I am going to give some hints about some of your questions.

    • Increase the number of word suggestions of Flow: It's not possible at this moment. You can submit a feature request however.
    • Capitalize a word after typed: put the cursor at the end of the word, then tap on shift key. You can cycle among: first letter capitalized, all caps, and all non-caps.
    • extend the current word by Flow: not possible, you should teach SwiftKey to learn the word by typing it first.
    • selecting the current text: no, SwiftKey does not have these features. Android long-press popup menu has these features.
    • Quotations marks: it's not a inch sign, it's a quotation mark in SwiftKey. 
    • Long dash: long-press on the minus - key in 123 keyboard. 

    Hope my answer cleared some of your questions.



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    Hi Alpert,

    I think you're wrong about the quotation marks. I currently type with SwiftKey, but the result is "quote".

    Edit: continuing on my desktop, I would like to see ... “quote“. The difference is subtle, but there. ;-)

    Also, as far as I see, I'm unable to write „German quotation marks“ and »French ones«. Are those hidden somewhere, too?

    For the rest, I will create feature requests.



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    I just check with the team, all the quotation marks you mentioned, are actually available by long-pressing on the " key in 123 page. 

    However, the simple tap version of quotation mark, is designed to be this way, same thing can also be found on other keyboard apps including Gboard.

    Happy typing


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